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Most Popular Divorce Questions

Divorce With No Fees
I've been separated from my spouse for almost one year and I haven't heard from him since he moved our is living in Louisiana.  I'd like to know if there is …

Florida Divorce Questions

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Waive Financial Affidavit 
If we do not share any properties or assets, would either or both of us need to complete financial forms? We are not looking to obtain any money from …

Modify A Divorce Settlement 
Once both parties sign the divorce marital settlement agreement, can either party go back and have it modified to get more money? Answer to …

Relocation Agreement With Child 
My wife and stepson are moving to Mississippi from Florida due to the Air Force relocating me. Do I have to petition the court to move my son and …

Florida Divorce & Financial Affidavit 
My spouse was served with the petition for dissolution of marriage on March 11, 2011. He then had his lawyer file a petition for dismissal because …

Property Before Marriage 
I bought my house 13 years ago. I have now been married for 3 years and want a divorce. What is my spouse entitled to? Answer to Florida …

Divorce From Overseas 
I was married in Florida but live overseas. Can I obtain a divorce without having to return to Florida? Answer to Florida Divorce Question …

Filing For Continuance in Divorce Case 
I am in Ohio and my said wife has filed for dissolution of marriage with a minor child in the state of Florida. I am pressed for time and have no …

Divorce With Unadopted Child 
I married my wife who has a child whom I did not adopt. We decided a divorce was very necessary. Would I have to file for divorce with child form …

Divorcing A Florida Inmate 
My husband left 10 years ago and I've not seen or heard from him since. After years of searching the Internet, I just discovered he is an inmate in …

Serving Divorce Papers in Florida 
I have a cell phone number for my ex but the only address I can find is a PO BOX. He will not give me a real address to serve him the divorce papers, …

Final Hearing Date & Wait Period 
I'm trying to figure out if the final hearing date when the judge signs the divorce decree. I'm looking to remarry real soon after the divorce (I've …

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