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About Florida Court Forms

We started out as a small document preparation agency in Volusia county in 2008. In short order, we saw the need for our self represented customers to educate themselves about the legal process and the availability of forms and procedures in Florida courts.

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Over time, this website has taken on a life of its own. We have visitors from all over the United States and the world, especially from our deployed heroes overseas. Florida Court Forms is now an extremely valuable self help (Pro Se) legal resource statewide.

We have compiled lots of current legal information categorized by easily recognizable subjects to ease your search and your self education efforts about Florida law and legal forms.

There are free forms, including divorce, child support, and other family law forms. You'll also find form instructions, court procedures, and other valuable legal information; all for the self-represented (Pro-Se) Floridian.

We are proud members of the Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers since 2010.

Unlike the national nonlawyer legal sites, as our name implies, Florida Court Forms is focused on Florida's legal system. All in one place, easy to understand, and all Florida.

Our Motto: Information is Power

We believe that information is POWER. Whether you decide to go with legal representation or not, you will have knowledge and resources to benefit you and your family now, and for years to come.

Don't let our simple name fool you. The Florida Court Forms website exists to benefit the Florida citizen, from cradle to grave.

We'd love to have your feedback and strongly encourage you to post questions to the staff. What you have to say might help someone else. So pay it forward, and leave us your suggestions, information, and support.

Spread the word, the knowledge, and the POWER to others.

Thank you, and enjoy our site...


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Premium Forms

Florida Premium Family Law Forms

Most Requested Forms

Form 12.901(a) Petition For Simplified Dissolution of Marriage.
NOV 2012 $2.50 Buy Now

Form 12.901(b)(1) Petition For Dissolution of Marriage With Dependent or Minor Children.
JUL 2013 $3.50 Buy Now

Form 12.901(b)(3) Petition For Dissolution of Marriage With No Dependent or Minor Children or Property.
MAY 2012 $2.50 Buy Now

Form 12.902(f)(1) Marital Settlement Agreement for Dissolution of Marriage with Children.
SEP 2013 $3.50 Buy Now

Form 12.928 Cover Sheet for Family Court Cases.
NOV 2013 Free

Form 12.995(a) Parenting Plan.
OCT 2011 ($4.95) Buy Now

Form 12.995(b) Supervised/Safety-Focused Parenting Plan.
OCT 2011 $4.95 Buy Now

Forms Packets

Florida Simplified Dissolution of Marriage Forms Packet 12.901(a)

Simplified Divorce Forms Packet
Complete forms packet for Florida's Simplified Dissolution of Marriage with supporting forms. Properly formatted and PDF fillable. Includes step by step filing procedures.

Divorce Packet DFP901a
Petition for Simplified Dissolution of Marriage. DEC 2013
$9.95 Buy Now

Divorce No Children Forms Packet
Complete forms packet for Florida's Divorce with No Children or Property with supporting forms. Properly formatted and PDF fillable. Includes step by step filing procedures.

Divorce Packet DFP901b3
Petition for Dissolution of Marriage No Children or Property. JAN 2014
$9.95 Buy Now

Terminate Child Support Packet
Complete Forms Packet for Request to Terminate Child Support or Alimony with supporting forms. Properly formatted and PDF fillable. Includes step by step filing procedures.

Terminate Child Support #PRTCS
Request to Terminate Child Support or Alimony Forms Packet. JAN 2012
$9.95 Buy Now