Florida Divorce

Dissolution of Marriage in Florida

Florida's Divorce laws, forms, and filing procedures were amended and simplified recently, in part, to assist self represented parties with the process of filing for divorce.

The Florida courts' Pro Se forms are available as free downloads, but what many of our customers really want is an easy to understand step by step explanation of the divorce forms and the divorce process.

Florida Court Forms

Filling out and filing the court-approved forms for divorce in Florida may seem simple enough to complete on your own, but there are a few things you should take the time to learn.

First, you should do yourself a favor by learning as much as you can about the legal terms and the proper filing procedures for a divorce in Florida.

You can avoid a lot of grief and confusion by getting familiar with the legal terms that you will encounter when you fill out your divorce forms. There are some basic legal terms that all do it yourself divorce filers should know.

For instance, did you know the legal term the State of Florida uses for divorce is Dissolution of Marriage? Or did you know that a self representing litigant (representing yourself without a lawyer) is called Pro-Se? If you've been doing your homework, then you probably know what these legal terms mean and you know the meaning of several others.

Florida Dissolution of Marriage

Divorce & Legal Advice

This website is dedicated to the Pro-Se Floridian. The information contained here is for informational purposes only. We are proud of the time and effort we make in verifying and providing the most current information and forms for you to use.

This is FREE legal information and not FREE legal advice. There’s no substitute for good legal counsel. Legal situations and questions can pop up without notice and any one of these situations could become a serious problem.

Contested Divorce in Florida

A contested divorce, one in which the spouses disagree on one or more issues, can become complicated very quickly. You are doing yourself a disservice if you don't at least discuss your case with an attorney familiar with Florida family law and Florida Divorce.

You should consult with a family law attorney at all points during your divorce. Especially when dependent children, assets, and liabilities are involved. Also, if you have a limited understanding of the legal terms, the divorce process, the specifics of each and every form, or if you cannot locate your spouse, or one or both of you are in the military.

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Florida Uncontested Divorce - No Fault

Florida "No-Fault" Uncontested Divorce

The state of Florida is commonly referred to as a "No Fault" divorce state...

What is "No Fault"
Florida is one of the many states that no longer requires "fault" as grounds for divorce. The parties need only agree that the marriage is "irretrievably broken." There are only 3 requirements that must be proved:
  • the marriage exists,
  • one of the parties has been a resident of Florida for six months prior to filing, and
  • that the marriage is irretrievably broken.
"Fault" can be considered under certain circumstances in the award of alimony, equitable distribution of marital assets and liabilities, and to determine custody.

An uncontested divorce is the most common way for couples to divorce and that is what the Pro Se forms were designed to address. Unless you and your spouse are reasonably agreed to the divorce and you have come to an agreement about all the issues involved, most people are well advised to consult with a family law attorney first before proceeding pro se.

Uncontested Divorce Forms in Florida

The Florida Courts provide four separate divorce forms procedures for self representing litigants to file. These forms or Petitions are listed on the Florida Courts website under the 12.901 section titled Florida Divorce Petitions.

Florida Court FormsHave a look at our Florida Divorce Forms Page for more information about the different divorce Petitions and see which one you qualify for. Florida Divorce Forms page.

What to Expect at a Divorce Trial

Florida Divorce Law & Statutes

Florida Divorce Statute: Chapter 61 of the Florida Statutes covers Florida Dissolution of Marriage as well as alimony, child support, and time-sharing - formerly known as child custody. The entire statute can be found on the Florida Senate's website here.

Some of the sub-chapters of interest for Florida Divorces include:
  • § 61.021 - Florida Divorce Residency Requirements
  • § 61.046 - Definitions as used in Chapter 61
  • § 61.052 - Dissolution of Marriage
  • § 61.075 - Equitable Distribution of Marital Assets & Liabilities
  • § 61.08 - Alimony
  • § 61.13 - Support of children; parenting and time-sharing; powers of court
  • § 61.30 - Child support guidelines; retroactive child support

Florida Court FormsHave a look at our Florida Divorce Laws Page for more information about and a brief description of the Dissolution of Marriage statutes in Florida. Florida Divorce Law page.

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Forms Packet

Florida Simplified Dissolution of Marriage Forms Packet 12.901(a)

Simplified Divorce Forms Packet
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Premium Simplified Divorce Form 12.901a
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Divorce With Children Form 12.901b1
Supreme Court Approved form 12.901(b)(1) Petition for Dissolution of Marriage With Dependent or Minor Children. Improved formatting with properly sized blank fields and PDF fillable on your computer.

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Marital Settlement Agreement with Children Form 12.902f1
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