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Answers to Child Support Arrears Questions

Child Support Arrears Payment Guidelines 
My daughter graduates from high school next month. There is an existing garnishment order in place, taking out child support plus an additional 180 for …

Child Support Arrears in Florida 
My husband lost his job about three years ago and remained unemployed up until 10 months ago. He now has gainful employment and is needing information …

Suspend Drivers License For Arrears 
My ex husband is court ordered to pay me a significant amount of child support based on his increase in wages, but he only pays 25% of the total due monthly. …

Child Support Arrears & Shared Custody 
Should I drop support from the father? I have been divorced since 2002 and he has paid me sometimes cash and sometimes nothing at all. My son …

Florida Child Support Arrears 
My husband currently owes arrears on his child support order for two children from a previous marriage. The eldest child turned 18 in 2008 and the …

Child Support Arrears Percentage 
I went to court to determine child support arrears which total over $46,000. I need to find out if I have a hearing scheduled next month, what percentage …

Appeal Child Arrears Decision 
I was divorced today. During this time I had to go before a General Magistrate. The GM calculated my arrears based on my current income and that of …

Process to Forgive Child Support Arrears 
I am no longer under a court order to pay child support, but their are arrears on record with the child support office. What is the process that the …

Child Support Arrearages 
My children's dad is severely in arrears for child support and over the years has told the court that he is unemployed. Is the court or another government …

Retroactive Reduction of Child Support 
The Petitioner and the Respondent have shared custody of the child, with the Petitioner having primary custody. Petitioner and Respondent have agreed …

Life Insurance & Child Support Arrears 
Ex-husband is in arrears of about $40,000 (court ordered child support for three children which hasn't been paid in years). He will get life insurance …

Who Gets The Child Support Arrears 
When my daughter turns 18, if Child Support arrears are still owed, will the Custodial Parent or the 18 year old daughter receive the arrear payments? …

Child Support Arrears Calculation 
How do you calculate the amount of monthly arrears after the child turns 18 and regular support stops? Several years ago I learned I had a 13 year …

Child Support Arrears Interest Charges 
Will I have interest and additional charges added to the amount of Child Support in arrears? If so, how is that determined? Is FL CSE obligated to …

Stop Child Support & Forgiveness of Arrears 
Stopping current child support and forgiveness for arrears for a child. For past year and currently my daughter lives with me. I pay child support …

Child Support Forgiveness of Arrears 
The custodial parent agrees to forgive arrears prior to 2004. All payments have been made beginning with the order starting 2004 to the present. …

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