Adoption of Minor by Grandparent

by Carmen from Tampa, Florida, Hillsborough County

What Florida form would be needed to petition for adoption of grandson?

Biological mother and father have consented to give up parental rights.

Answer to Adoption of Grandchild Question

Dear Carmen,

Unfortunately, Florida does not have an approved form for Grandparent Adoption.

However, you can utilize the stepparent adoption procedure to successfully adopt your grandchild.

Have a look at our Florida Grandparent Adoption page for more information.

If you decide not to adopt, there are several things you can do and there are many organizations where you can find some help.

It is a good idea as the caregiver to get certain rights established under law for the sake of the minor child.

Take a look at the Resources section below for groups and resources in Florida that may be better able to help you.

Florida state laws you should review

State Laws change and are subject to different interpretations. These general descriptions are not intended as legal advice in any particular situation.

Medical Consent

FL Stat. ch. 743.0645
Allows relative to consent to medical care on behalf of a child after provider has made reasonable attempt to contact parent or guardian and if the parent or guardian has not given notice that they oppose the treatment.

Standby Guardianship

FL Stat. ch. 744.304
Allows guardian to be temporarily appointed by the court with consent of the parents. Standby guardian assumes duties upon death or incapacitation of last surviving parent.

Relative Caregiver Program

FL 39.5085
Eligibility requirements for the Relative Caregiver Program, which provides financial assistance to kinship caregivers.

Have a look at our Grandparent Adoptions page for a comprehensive guide on adoptions of grandchildren by grandparents.

Florida Grandparent Resources

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-- Part 1 Understanding Relationships
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-- Part 2 Building Relationships
Temporary Custody by Extended Family

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