Terminating Parental Rights

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A selection of terminating parental rights questions posted by visitors to this site and their corresponding answers are found below.

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Most Popular Questions

Signing Over Parental Rights 
Does my ex husband have to pay child support if he signs over his rights. I don't care if he does. I just want him out of our lives. Or can I get his …

Voluntarily Terminate Parental Rights 
What forms do I need for voluntary termination of parental rights? I have an 8yr old daughter whom I have been taking care of and supporting for since …

Name Change After Voluntary Termination of Parental Rights 
Can a child's last name be changed after termination of parental rights? If a parent gives up their rights to a child in a Florida court of law, could the child's …

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Terminating Parental Rights in Florida 
My child's father and I were not married, however, he did sign the birth certificate and she has his last name. He has never consistently been her life …

Remove Parental Rights of a Non Custodial Parent 
Under what circumstances can I remove parental rights of a non custodial parent? The current non-custodial parent has recently filed for a power of attorney …

Terminating Mother's Parental Rights 
Termination of parental rights to mother who put child up for adoption at birth. Me and my husband have had physical custody of a child he had with another …

Can I Terminate His Parental Rights? 
I have had my child support case open for 2 years, and my son is now 3 and child support still has not been able to locate the father. My son has never …

Terminate Parental Rights & Visitation 
Can I terminate my parental rights? If so will I still be obligated to pay child support? My ex lives several hours away and it is always a struggle …

Removal of Parental Rights in Florida 
Can I ask to have all Parental Rights removed? If he is not in her life he doesn't want to call doesn't visit nor does he write to her, he doesn't want …

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