Order for Disbursement of Mortgage Foreclosure Surplus

by Anonymous from Hillsborough County, Florida

I want to claim surplus funds on my home that sold at the Hillsborough County, Florida courthouse on November 15.

I was told I need to fill out an Owners Claim for Montage Foreclosure Surplus.

And I need to write an Order then turn the forms into the Foreclosure office so the Judge can sign off on it.

I have picked up the Owners Claim form but I need to write the Order.

Do you have a form for this or can you guide me on how to do this without hiring an attorney?

Answer to Florida Civil Law Question

Dear Anonymous,

So far I haven't been able to locate an Order for Owners Claim for Mortgage Foreclosure Surplus form.

But, I have reviewed the Owners Claim for Mortgage Foreclosure Surplus form that you mention.

Since you already have the Owner's Claim form, I can explain to you how to prepare the Order for this form.

When preparing the Order, follow the claim form exactly, right down the line, paragraph by paragraph.

Wherever there are choices or check off boxes on the claim form, convert those into declarative sentences (statements) on the Order for Disbursement.

At the bottom of the claim form there is a signature area for you, the claimant.

On the Order, leave a signature area blank for the judge to sign.

It might help you to take a look at the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, with no Minor Children and No Property; and the Order that corresponds to it.

These are forms available on the Florida Supreme Court's site, www.flcourts.org.

Dissolution of Marriage has absolutely nothing to do with what you are trying to accomplish, but I just want you to see for yourself how to convert a Petition into an Order.

Alternatively, you can use our Petition Preparer service. We can create a custom court document to your specifications. Just ask us for a free quote.

Reader Comments

Thanks for answering this question.
by: Anonymous

That was a great help for me. I was looking for another type of order form, but your explanation to this question was very helpful to me.

I think I can do this by myself, but I will definitely keep you in mind. Just in case! Thank you.

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