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by Steve from Tamarac, Florida, Broward County

What forms do I need to file for summary administration and where do I file them?

I've had trouble finding these forms on the county's website.

Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Answer to Florida Court Forms Question

Dear Steve,

The form you will need is the "Petition for Family Administration" and you will need to file it with the clerk of the circuit court.

Florida does not provide a free standardized form, but you can draft one as long as you follow chapter 735 of the Florida statutes.

Here is an excerpt:

735.103 Petition for family administration.

--A verified petition for family administration shall contain, in addition to the statements required by s. 733.202, the following:

(1) Facts showing that petitioners are entitled to family administration, as provided in s. 735.101.

(2) A complete list of the assets of the gross estate for federal estate tax purposes and their estimated value.

(3) An appropriate statement that the estate is not indebted or that provision for payment of debts has been made or the claims are barred.

(4) A proposed schedule of distribution of all assets to those entitled thereto as surviving spouse, heirs, beneficiaries, or creditors.

The petition shall be signed and verified by all beneficiaries and the surviving spouse, if any. The petition may be signed on behalf of a minor or an incompetent by her or his legal guardian or, if none, by her or his natural guardian.

You can purchase a professionally prepared Florida forms package from US Legal for Summary Administration in Florida.

Here is the link to the summary administration forms

Reader Comments

Summary of Administration
by: Anonymous from Florida

My father in law has been deceased for 5 years. When he was sick, he gave me POA and the quick claim deed.

What form do I need to file, so the mortgage company will talk to me? 1st mortgage $240,000.00

POA ends at death

by: Anonymous

Last I knew ANY Power of Attorney ceases to exist at death, at least in Florida. Sounds like some sort of probate before they have to talk to anyone but in the meantime I'm sure they want to be paid... a real rock and hard place there for you.

Getting a Form for Petition of Summary Administration
by: Roger Dalkin

Where can I get a blank copy of a petition for summary administration for the state of Florida?

My wife is trying to claim a small amount of money from her father's estate.

She has filed all the necessary paperwork, but has been notified to submit a petition for summary administration.

We have called and written Dade County and Leon County with no response. We just want a copy of the form to fill out and submit.

--Getting useful information from the court in those counties has been a problem for a long time.

I would suggest going to the court in person. You should be able to get copies of the forms. Of course, they'll charge you for each page!

Otherwise, I recommend US Legal's Summary Administration forms packet. See the link provided above. Just follow the instructions on these forms, and you should be good to go. -- Staff

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