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A list of child custody legal form questions posted by visitors to this site and their corresponding answers are found below. We have felt the need to categorize these questions because of the shear volume of child custody questions we have answered on our site since this very popular service was begun.

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We make every effort to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the information we post to all our questions on child custody and custody legal forms in Florida. However, due to the ever-changing nature of the law, we cannot absolutely guarantee their accuracy.

We recommend you go ahead and review the following answers to Custody Legal Forms Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on this page before you ask your question. We may have already answered your specific question.

Answers: Child Custody Legal Form FAQs

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Custody & Emergency Pick Up Order 
I have a male friend who is worried for the safety of his daughter who is in the full custody of her mother. According to him she does several different …

Florida Child Custody Form Questions 
I have some custody form questions: • Participation in custody or time sharing proceedings, what does this question mean legally? • Persons not …

Response To Child Custody Papers 
How do I file a response to a child custody motion? The father of my 8 week old baby served me with papers to establish paternity, visitation and child …

Forms for Appeal or Modification of Temporary Custody 
My adopted daughter's birth father has filed for, and been granted, temporary custody of her 1 year old son in Volusia county Florida. Is there a form, …

Petition For Legal Custody Minor Children with Parental Consent 
I am in Orange County. I have a unique situation where I am caring for my Godchildren since birth. I am also raising my Grandson. Three Mothers: …

Response to Supplemental Petition 
What form do I use to respond to an emergency petition for modification of custody? Answer to Florida Child Custody Question Dear Loretta, Why …

Filing Paperwork in Another County 
My baby father filed in the wrong county for paternity and custody but both the child and I live in a different county as the father. Plus the father …

Petition for Custody Form 
Trying to find out the correct form for petition for custody in Florida. My husband has two kids who live in Florida and has been paying child support …

Child Custody Response 
How do I file a written response to a child custody case. My boyfriend is being sued for custody of his 4yr old daughter. The mom died last year and her …

Filing for Custody of a Minor Child in Florida 
My wife and I currently have temporary custody of a minor child that is a family friend from Georgia. The mother of the child has stated to us that she …

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