Stopping IDO When Child Turns 18

by Anonymous from Florida

My child turns 18 this month and according to my Divorce agreement the child support ends on his 18th birthday.

I have an IDO to my employer for the support payments.

How do I go about getting those to stop and is there some legal form I need so I will not be held in contempt if I have the employer stop the payments on his 18th birthday?

Answer to Florida Child Support Question

Dear Anonymous,

It seems logical that child support ends automatically once the child reaches the age of majority at age 18.

However, in Florida, it is not always that simple.

My suggestion is that you write a letter to your employer and request that they cease wage garnishment.

Attach to that letter the court order stating that your child support obligation ends when your child reaches age 18; and proof of your child's birth date.

A copy of your child's birth certificate or driver's license should be sufficient. Also go to the Florida Department of Revenue's website and complete the form: Request for Support Order Review.

Here is the link to the forms page: Child Support Forms Page. Instructions for that form state, in part:

You can ask for a review
  • If it has been three years or longer since the order started or changed, or

  • if there has been a major change in your income or the needs of the child(ren)

The form is fillable online; and is very simple to complete. Then mail the form to the Department of Revenue.

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