Stepparent Adoption Forms Required in State of Florida

by Elizabeth from Lee County, Florida

My husband and I just received verbal consent, for the stepparent adoption from the biological father of my children.

He has agreed under the condition that he no longer owe back child support.

From internet searching I have gotten forms 12.981(a)(1); 12.981(b)(1); 12.902(d).

I am wondering if these are the only forms I will need to file and if not could you please inform me of which ones I will need.

I am also curious as to whether I, being the mother of the children, can act as the non-lawyer in this case. Any information on the subject or references will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Answer to Florida Adoption Question

Dear Elizabeth,

You have all the forms you will need except for the Final Judgment of Stepparent Adoption form.

And to answer your second question, you, as the Petitioner (or more precisely as the joint petitioner) are not regarded as the nonlawyer who "helps you fill out these forms".

The nonlawyer these forms refer to, is anyone who actually helps you prepare (fill out) the forms other than you and your husband.

Our website would also not qualify as a "nonlawyer" because research on the web for information does not help you "fill out these forms." All you need to do is leave this portion of the forms blank, unless of course someone does actually help you fill out the forms.

Notice: We provide these answers to the general public and our website visitors as a means to further their online legal research. These answers are merely suggestions and should not be regarded as legal advice.

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Notice of Publication
by: Anonymous

My husband is adopting my child, and within the forms the court ask me to file, is a form called Notice of publication that I should file along with a notice of hearing. This notice of publication has to be filed, because my child's father is not in papers, and refused to his paternity (we never got married).

I now have to fill out this form that will be place in a local news paper for a period of 4 weeks to inform him my child will be adopted by his actual husband. My question is: where can I find this form? I have been looking in the list of forms from the family -Law forms, and I haven't find it. Could you help me find this form please?

--Contact the circuit court in the county where the Notice of Publication must be published and ask for the names of the approved publishers (usually it is just the local newspaper) in that county for a Notice of Publication. Then contact the newspaper's advertising or classifieds desk and ask for their Notice of Publication form or procedure. They will know exactly what you need. - Staff

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