Name Change Petition in Florida

by Christine from Bradenton, Florida, Manatee County

How can I modify or amend a name change petition for a family name change that was only done for the petitioner and not the rest of the family from 20 years ago?

In 1988 my dad petitioned to have his and his families name changed back to his real fathers name.

The final judgment was only done for him (the petitioner) and not for wife or his 3 kids (whose names were listed on the petition). However we were able to get new social security cards and drivers license with the new name?

So now, 20 plus years later, with new laws for renewing your drivers license, I have discovered that my name was never legally changed. So, do I reopen the old case, or do we each have to individually request a name change as adult. (which is pricey) or do we do another family name change, even though the "children" are adults now?

Answer to Florida Court Forms Question

Dear Christine,

It seems the change in Florida's identification requirements for driver's license is creating some unintended consequences.

Supreme Court approved Form 12.982(a) Petition for Name Change is available on the Florida Supreme Court's website at The instructions for that form state in part:

This form should be used when an adult wants the court to
change his or her name.

This form is not to be used in connection with a divorce action. If you want a change of name because of a dissolution of marriage that is not yet final, the change of name should be done as part of that case.

The instructions also state that you should make a list of the people and places that may need a copy of the final judgment. This list may include the driver’s license office, social security office, banks, schools, etc.

A list will help you know how many copies of your order you should get from the clerk of court after your hearing.

Form 12.982(f) Petition for Name Change (Family) allows petitioners to attach multiple forms for other adults in the family who are also petitioning for name change.

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