Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers, FALDP

We are a proud member of the FALDP. This association has been established in part for the protection of the consumer and to promote the growth and legal compliance of member professionals.

Consumers will benefit by knowing they have hired a legal document preparer who has met certain credentialing standards.

Consumers will be educated to the benefits of using a credentialed Legal Document Preparer.

Consumers will be educated on the legal comparison of a paralegal and a nonlawyer under Florida law.

FALDP Member Benefits

Members will have more credibility in the marketplace by being allowed to advertise their membership in this association.

The fact that members will have met minimum standards will help protect them from harassment by the Florida Bar Association.

Members of the Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers will have access to information that affects the delivery of legal documents to consumers -- updated forms, law changes, etc.

Easy access to information that affects their work -- form changes, law changes, etc.

Opportunities to learn about legal practice areas, where it is not necessary to be an attorney, such as patent law, social security appeals, bankruptcy, etc.

Members will receive free referrals through a consumer's search by county, or expertise

Members will have access and discounts to LDP related professional products and services (ie. insurance, accounting, legal)

Minimum Credentials:

  • Three years experience preparing Florida legal documents.
  • Or, two year paralegal course; and passing a test.
  • Offers or plans to offer legal document preparation and legal forms directly to consumers.
  • Acknowledges and agrees to follow the rules set forth by the Florida Bar regarding UPL.
  • Agrees to refrain from offering legal advice; and to refrain from representing themselves as legal experts.