Early Termination of Child Support

by Patricia from Quincy, Florida, Gadsden County

Can a father get child support terminated before the child is 17 in Florida? My ex has petition for child support to be terminated due to my 17 year old not attending school. However he is enrolled in the GED program now.

Prior he kept skipping and lost his driver's license due to that.

Also during that time he kept moving between my house and my mom's (who lives in a different county.

Every month that he was at my mom's I gave her $300 in cash (due to her being on SS). the father has not been a part on the child's life at all for the past 8 years.

Now 10 months before my son's 18 birth day he want to end child support. Can this be done? The child is living with me his mother and is in a GED program.

Answer to Florida Child Support Question

Dear Patricia,

Your ex certainly has a right to petition the court to terminate child support. But I don't think he will get very far.

Most Florida child support orders state that child support ends when the child turns 18. And it is common nowadays for a child support order to be extended until the child is age 19, if the child is still in school.

In Florida I have never heard of child support being terminated simply because the child is not attending school.

It sounds to me like your son is a typical teenager who grew tired of going to school, but quickly learned that he better go get that diploma.

Good for him. A GED is just as good, if not better, than a traditional high school diploma.

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Complete Record of All Child Support Payments
by: Anonymous

Hello, can you tell me how we can go about getting a complete record of all child support payments made? Including what is taken from arrears from IRS refunds? My husband is paying arrears for children that are 24 and 25 and according to his credit reports it says he owes 50k which is obviously incorrect. That would mean he didn't pay 23 of the 25 years and there has only been maybe 3 years that he was out of work and didn't pay.

We think it is because when the case was transferred from one OH to FL that OH kept adding on all those years. How can we get all the records. We think mom probably owes back to the father at this point in actuality. We want to get to the bottom of this. How can we do this?

--To get a record of your husband's child support payments in Florida you can contact your local DOR child support office Tel:800-622-5437. In Ohio, you can try contacting the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, DJFS Tel:614-752-6561. --Staff

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