Child Support Wage Garnishment

by Michael from Mesa, Arizona

My ex owes me for a few months child support. I live in Arizona, she lives in Florida, where our case was settled in mediation.

I would like to have her support payments sent to me by the state since she always gets behind in payments and medical expenses.

How can I do this from Arizona?

Answer to Florida Child Support Question

Dear Michael,

You must first obtain a court order modifying the current child support to be paid to the State of Florida Disbursement Unit.

If the court order allows payments directly to a parent or legal custodian, either parent or the legal custodian may file a Supplemental Petition to Modify Child Support, Form 12.905(b), to require future payments through the Disbursement Unit.

Once you have your support order modified, you can file an Income Deduction Order with the Clerk of Court instructing her employer to garnish her wages.

The Florida Child Support Distribution Unit will then forward you the child support payments when they are collected.

Alternatively, you can file for Motion for Civil Contempt and Enforcement, Form 12.960 and ask that payments be collected through the State of Florida Disbursement Unit.

What is an Income Deduction Order?

An Income Deduction Order or IDO is a Court Order instructing a payor's employer to withhold the child support payment (wage garnishment) from the payor's income and forward it to the State Disbursement Unit.

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Back Pay On Child Support And Then Some
by: Anonymous

My ex had stopped paying child support in full several times last year and has reduced the amount of support monthly by his doing that I should be receiving. We are in Florida and would like to get his wages garnished so I do not have to ask him anymore to do what is right by my child. Any advice.

--Contact the DOR Child Support Enforcement. They will be able to help. --Staff

Child Emancipated But Still Paying
by: Michael

My son emancipated last month in January. I've tried to get a modification done on my c.s. order for over 17 years. My job changed within 3 months of divorce being final. My child support is 850$ for one child...Yes, 850$ for one child.

I had health problems and couldn't work for some time and child support continued to accrue... So besides the enormous amount I was ordered to pay I now have a huge arrearage. Even though my son emancipated they are now wanting to withhold 950$ a month from my check.

Ive tried and tried to get a mod done to no avail. Can anyone help...I'm already broke... So I have no money...Please!!!

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