Child Support Trial

by Lisa from Orlando, Florida, Orange County

I have received by mail an order setting non-jury trial, stating the Department of Revenue on my behalf is against my kid's father, the defendant.

I initiated an action years ago but am now getting this and do not understand why there is a trial.

I am not sure if I have to do anything or file anything with the court or hire an attorney to go on that day. My kid's father is out of state and does not work.

Answer to Florida Child Support Question

Dear Lisa,

Go to the hearing and see what happens. It sounds to me that the Department of Revenue is really that backlogged, and they are just now getting to the case that you initiated years ago.

It's a good thing that your child did not starve in the meantime. The attorney that is there on behalf of the Department of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement is there on your behalf.

Cooperate in any way you can by providing your ex's address, possible workplace, possible trade, etc.

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Name Change and Child Support
by: Tabitha

My husband's ex wife has petitioned the courts in Indian River county for a name change for their minor child. Now she is sending us text messages that state that she will not seek child support modification and ask the courts for more money from him if he will just sign the name change paper.

She is using the courts as her own personal blackmailing tool..... do as I say or I will continue to drag you back and forth to court, "because I have that right!!" is what she stated last night in a recorded phone conversation between her and my husband.

She stated she doesn't want anymore money from him if he will just do this one thing, but if he signs it what's to stop her anyways? We live 5 and 1/2 hours away and lose a days worth of work and it costs us gas money and a hotel for the night.

If he signs the name change paper that hyphenates the child's last name and puts the mother's maiden name as the child's last name, is he still responsible financially? How can she make such a mockery of our family court system???

--The short answer to your question is that a name change does not directly impact financial responsibility. It saddens me though, that some parents use their children as pawns in a game of vengeance and spite. The only one that is really affected is the child. --Staff

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