Calculating The Timeshare Child Support Amount

by Anonymous from Help Me, Florida

Is there anyone to help me? I do not understand how to figure out the 50/50 timeshare amount that my ex husband is responsible to pay.

His monthly income is $3,466 and mine is only $1,200. Can someone please help me with this?

Answer to Florida Child Support Question

Dear Anonymous,

I think you are trying to work out the math on the Child Support Guidelines Worksheet, Form 12.902(e).

I'm not sure whether the income figures you stated are net or gross income.

If they are net incomes for you and your ex, and if you have only one child then look at the table on the Instructions for the Child Support Guidelines Worksheet.

The entire support amount for one child based on your combined incomes is $951.; so that is 100% of the support for that one child. Of the combined monthly income of $4,666 you earn 26% of that amount; and your ex earns 74%.

Since you and your ex are sharing time with the child 50/50, use the gross up method which begins on line 10 to find the actual amount that your ex will pay.

You will be using the percentage each of you earns to figure the final amount. This form and other family law forms for pro se litigants can be found on the Florida Supreme Court's website,

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