Waive Child Support Before Birth

by Paula from St. Petersburg, Florida, Pinellas County

I've tried to get back with him so I can have a family for this child like any other couple would do when accident like this happens but he doesn't want to. I have tried talking to him about other choices like stay friends and face it together.

But he is still saying that isn't right and that doesn't feel good because he doesn't want things to be this way.

We both are 30 years old, single no kids. In somehow he has a good job and im self employed. Money in my side isn't an issue but he thinks he is not ready because he doesn't make enough to support a child.

Honestly the problem is that he doesn't want me to go farther with my pregnancy and is kind of pushing for an abortion. I guess the question is: legally is there any possibility for me to request his rights to be waive for good and move on with my pregnancy?

Answer to Florida Child Support Question

Dear Paula,

As far as I know he cannot force you to have an abortion.

The bottom line is that there were two people there at the moment of conception, but the baby is growing in your body.

He is likely very scared of the prospect of paying child support for the next 18 years, and rightly so.

The amount of his child support obligation until the child is grown will likely be over $100,000.

Child support exists so that children don't go without, and don't go hungry. You may be in a good financial situation on your own now, but that could change. There are many single parents struggling to raise children on one income.

Think long and hard about what is the best thing for you to do. Some women feel incredibly guilty after having an abortion. Consider adoption as an alternative. If you know you want to keep the baby, then do it.

Single parenthood is not all bad. Single parents often do not have to consult a spouse about parenting decisions -- healthcare, education, religion, etc. Many people say that being a parent is the most difficult and the best thing they ever did in life.

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