Visitation & Contact Being Denied

by Lorrie-Jo from Port St Lucie, Florida, St. Lucie County

Help me see my son again.

I have joint custody with my ex and for the last 10 years I have been searching for my son on my days off from school and work.

In the last few weeks I have found out that they are living only 166 miles from me in Florida.

They had changed their number and sent my presents back to me. And then I had no contact except his mother.

Then all of the sudden she wasn't allowed to talk to me either. His mother was told if she spoke to me or told me where he was his mother would never see her grandson again.

Justin and his grandmother were very close and she died keeping the secret and still never got to see her grandson, my son Justin. I have the order certified in the county he lives in and they still wont let me see him. What else can I do?

They are telling him I don't love him and I don't want to see him and now they say he doesn't want to talk to me. I'm scared they brainwashed him.

Answer to Florida Child Visitation Question

Dear Lorrie-Jo,

Florida courts have a strong bias towards allowing divorced couples to have shared parental responsibility and support the basic right of children to have the opportunity to know both of their parents.

I suggest that you petition the court to allow you to have regular contact with your son.

If your ex is in violation of an existing order for time-sharing or visitation a court may find him in contempt for preventing you from seeing your son.

You can request that the court grant you make-up visitation; and file a Motion for Contempt or Enforcement.

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