Terminate Parental Rights & Visitation

by Kevin from West Palm Beach, Florida, Palm Beach County

Can I terminate my parental rights? If so will I still be obligated to pay child support? My ex lives several hours away and it is always a struggle to get time to see my child.

She will go months without answering my phone calls or will have her phone disconnected.

Then when I do finally talk to her, it is always an inconvenience for her to meet me to see the kids.

I don't get much pay, and I am tired of giving all my money to her and not having my children in my life. Broke in Palm Beach.

Answer to Florida Child Custody Question

Dear Kevin,

No, you may not terminate your parental rights so that you no longer have to pay child support.

If the state of Florida allowed that to happen, consider how many parents would beat a path to the door of the courthouse.

The only way I know of for you to voluntarily terminate your parental rights is if your ex marries and the stepfather wants to adopt your kids.

As a matter of public policy, the state of Florida wants someone to be financially responsible for children.

Since you are paying child support, and I hope you are current, you could petition the court to modify the child support; and petition the court to modify your time-sharing schedule.

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