Respondent Served Support Papers

by Anonymous from Florida

My child's father was just served with child support documents. This case was opened 3 years ago and he has married and has had 2 other children since then. We both live in the state of Florida, just on opposite sides. What is the next step?

What happens if he chooses not to cooperate or submit the requested documentation?

My child is now 14 years old and I have not received any child support in the past 3 years. How far back will the court go to obtain arrears?

Answer to Florida Child Support Question

Dear Anonymous,

If there was no previous child support order in place at all, retroactive child support can usually be ordered for two years.

If he refuses to cooperate and refuses to submit the required documentation the court will order child support anyway.

If there was a child support order in place three years ago when the case was first opened, then the court can order him to pay child support from that point on.

It is actually in his best interests to submit his financial affidavit so that the child support order can take into account his two other children (if he is supporting them).

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Is my husband required to pay child support.
by: Anonymous

I've been married for 5 years and my husband and I have one child. He was just served child support papers for a child that he is not certain is his. The child will be 17 next month and the mother is requesting child support from the day the child was born. He does have receipts showing that he's been sending the mother money although he's not sure the child is his.

Is it possible that he could be forced to pay almost 17 years in child support because she decided to wait almost 17 years to request child support. Also, is he able to request a DNA test since none was ever performed?

--Retroactive child support in Florida can be ordered for up to 2 years. Your husband can file a motion for scientific paternity testing, form 12.983(e), in his paternity case. --Staff

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