Removal of Parental Rights in Florida

by Jessica from Miami, Florida, Miami-Dade County

Can I ask to have all Parental Rights removed? If he is not in her life he doesn't want to call doesn't visit nor does he write to her, he doesn't want to even sign papers for passport.

And she has missed out on great opportunities to travel.) All he does is give child support. He has my number & knows where i work he has the ways to get in contact but doesn’t.

I have tried various times & end up in square 1. He ends up changing his number and nowhere to be found. Right now my husband is the one who is there for her, for her birthday, school events, most things.

Answer to Florida Child Custody Question

Dear Jessica,

It sounds like you're in a frustrating situation.

But from what you've written, it doesn't sound likely that the courts would terminate your former husband's parental rights without his consent.

But, since he has no contact, and apparently no relationship with his daughter, he might agree to a voluntary termination of parental rights.

Keep in mind, however, that if his parental rights were terminated he would no longer have the obligation to pay child support.

And that might be his best reason to voluntarily terminate his parental rights -- to save money. Just be sure that it doesn't backfire, and the lack of child support income affects your daughter's lifestyle.

Pay attention to how you spend the child support income that you're receiving now, and then decide whether or not it will make a difference in your daughter's life. Forms for termination of parental rights and for step parent adoption are on the Florida Courts website,

Have a look at our Florida adoption forms page for the step-parent adoption forms and more information.

An alternative which may or may not be simpler, is to petition the court to direct him to sign the passport application.

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