Prevent License Suspension for Non-Payment of Child Support

by Anonymous from Florida

I need form cs-ef45 to stop driver license suspension.

Driver license being suspended due to arrears payment overdue.

Answer to Florida Child Support Question

Dear Anonymous,

The form you refer to is an old form that may not be useful due to the recent changes in Florida Law.

In order to stop suspension of your driver's license, you will need to petition the court and ask that the suspension order be denied. An inability to pay the purge amount may be reason enough to prevent a suspension.

There are no official statewide forms for this but below are two links to forms that might help you in your judicial circuit. You can draft a form from these for your own circuit court.

Remember to use the Motion forms if you have been served and a case is now pending. The Petition is used to open a new case to contest a driver's license that has already been suspended.

If your livelihood depends on your driver's license being in good standing, you should consult a lawyer before proceeding.

Petition to Contest Suspension

Petition to Contest Notice of Delinquency - 8th Circuit

Petition to Contest Drivers License Suspension - 13th Circuit - Packet 8

Motion to Contest Notice of Delinquency - 13th Circuit - Packet 9

Florida Statutes 61.14 (Enforcement and modification of support, maintenance, or alimony agreements or orders.)

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