Petitioner Or Respondent in Answer

by Anonymous from Florida

How do I fill out the form in regards to me being the Petitioner of the original divorce. I placed a divorced and I am the petitioner. The respondent has made a counter petition.

Now it is my turn to respond to the counter petition. Who am I, the respondent or the petitioner in my response petition. Because the choices say I agree or disagree with the petitioner?

Does that mean she is now the petitioner because she counter petitioned me? Sorry I am confused. Florida Divorce with Minor child case.

Answer to Florida Divorce Question

Dear Petitioner,

It is confusing. In the case heading, you began as the Petitioner and you remain the Petitioner throughout.

Now, within the pleading (which is the other party's Counterpetition), you are the Respondent -- but not in the case heading.

As far as answering the other party's statements and allegations one by one, or (if using a pre-approved form) checking off boxes, you are responding, so for this purpose the other party is the Petitioner.

When the choices are whether you agree or disagree with the Petitioner, Petitioner refers to the other party.

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