New Child, Child Support

by Elaine from Jacksonville, Florida, Duval County

My infants father has three older children which he pays $250.00 + $30.00 arrears a week. None of the other children require daycare. The fathers monthly net income after taxes is $2500.00.

If I do the calculation he should be paying $866.00 for our infant which includes $671.00 in childcare.

Accounting to the Florida web site the max that can be withheld from his paycheck is 55% so how will it be decided how much the first three children get and how much will be ordered for our infant? If I do the math he is already paying like 42%.

Answer to Florida Child Support Question

Dear Elaine,

Before you can plug numbers into the Child Support Guidelines Worksheet, you need to have the Financial Affidavits of both parties. Both parents are responsible for supporting their children.

You are correct that child support payments paid in behalf of another child from another relationship are taken into consideration.

The amount that you begin the Child Support Guidelines Worksheet with, the first number plugged in from the Financial Affidavits, is disposable income.

If you are trying to calculate child support amounts without the Financial Affidavits and without using the Child Support Guidelines Worksheet, your figures are not going to be correct. For those forms and other Florida family law forms go to the Florida Supreme Court's website,

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