Mechanic Charging Without Permission

by Claudia from Miami, Florida, Miami-Dade County

My mechanic bought things without my permission. My mechanic is charging me $500 for the work on my car and the things he had to buy to fix it, except he never asked my permission nor told me how much the things he was planning on buying were going to be.

I didn't sign anything stating that I would give him permission to buy anything. I don't have the $500.

I also called the dealer where he went to buy the things and they told me a cheaper price than the one he's charging me. Now he won't release my car until I pay the full $500.

Answer to Florida Court Forms Question

Dear Claudia,

Here is the link to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs online complaint form. Mechanics are supposed to provide a written estimate of all repairs prior to doing the work.

Their final bill is not to be more than 10% above the estimated price. However, being right doesn't get you your car back. Pay the bill and recover your car.

Call the Consumer Help Line, 1-800-HELPFLA, and request their assistance. Check with them to find out whether the best path is to pay with a credit card and then dispute the charges; or pay then sue the mechanic.

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