Legal Access in Florida

How Florida Court Forms Makes Florida A Better Place To Live

Access to the courts is a basic right.

We all believe this to be true, but unfortunately, the reality is that the current culture of legal practice in Florida makes this right seemingly unobtainable for a large section of the population.  How so, you may ask?

Legal access is not an issue for the top income earners.

Households with yearly incomes above 200 thousand dollars have at their disposal a virtual army of lawyers and law firms to cater to their every legal need. 

Legal Access for Low Income Households

People at the lowest incomes, especially those below the federal poverty level, have legal aid and numerous other programs provided by the state and the courts.

Although, one can argue that these programs are ineffective and mired with problems, they do however provide access to a section of our population that desperately needs it.

That leaves the majority of Florida residents with three options to take care of their legal needs.

Hard Choices for the Rest

Hire expensive legal services from lawyers that put many households in a serious financial bind.

Sometimes, when the money runs out, their cases are left in legal limbo from lawyers who withdraw from cases because their clients have simply run out of money.

Next is to put off taking care of legal needs which usually makes matters worse.

Finally, people feel that their only solution is to try to take legal matters into their own hands, and through research and the help of many online sources they represent themselves, pro se.

That is where Florida Court Forms and legal document preparers help fill the legal needs of the masses.

An Affordable Solution

Legal Document Preparers, with their knowledge of local court procedures and legal forms, prepare forms for pro se litigants whose main concern is to resolve their legal matters in a timely fashion without the worry of procedural or technical issues.

With an LDP at their side, self represented litigants can proceed confidently through the courts knowing that their legal paperwork is in order. 

We are proud of the work that we do.

There is no better feeling of knowing your livelihood helps your neighbors in such a positive way.

Legal Documents Preparation Services

Florida Court Forms' Petition Preparer Service
Your legal documents ready to file at a price you can afford!

Our Petition Preparer Documents Service can have all your documents professionally prepared after a brief interview with our trained Florida Legal Document Specialists.

Your court papers will be in your hands and ready to file at the courthouse in as little as three days! We guarantee our work. Just ask us for a quote.

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Article by Kenneth Diaz, © 2016

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