Husband Threatens To Take Kids

by Tarrah from Panama City, Florida, Bay County

Me and my husband are having issues. We fight all the time. So I told him I want a divorce finally and he grabbed the kids and said he as taking them with him because who ever has them will have custody until the court decides when we get the divorce.

He is the biological father to both of the children and is on the birth certificate. Can he do that to me?

I am no danger to the kids but neither is he. I ended up telling him I wont go through with it so I am not stuck without my babies.

Answer to Florida Divorce Question

Dear Tarrah,

So, in effect, he is using your children to make you stay with him.

Florida courts have a bias toward shared parental responsibility.

Judges believe that it is generally in the best interests of the children that they have positive relationships with both parents.

You and your husband need to try to call a truce long enough to think about what is in the best interests of the children.

Does he really want to take care of the children full time? Is he able?

Is he only trying to hurt you by saying that he will fight for custody of the children? Try to remain as reasonable as you possibly can in this stressful situation. Maybe counseling would help.

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