Help With Child Visitation Issues

by Cindy from Florida

I live in Florida. My ex and I have been divorced for several years he has court-ordered child support payments.

He goes months (3-4 or more) without contact then he pops up and says he wants to see the children.

He is not past on payments but my kids don't really talk to him when he calls (just hi yadda yadda bye) and wants to see him just be left there with him.

My ex wants me to drop everything and take the kids to him when it seems convenient to him.

I tell him I can't then he starts calling me names and saying he is going to take me to court for custody because he is tired of paying when he cant see his kids. Do I have to make the kids see their dad?

Answer to Florida Child Visitation Question

Dear Cindy,

Your ex has a right to see his children. I'm guessing that you have shared parental responsibility.

Florida courts support the idea that children should be able to have positive relationships with both of their parents.

If your issues with him are primarily due to scheduling, you should try to find a way to work it out.

If you can't come to an agreement, you can file a Parenting Plan.

You don't say the ages of your children, but we cannot expect children to act in their own best interests. A child's preferences may or may not be taken into account by a judge. The ages of the children; as well as the children's reasons for not wanting to visit are taken into account.

Some children don't want to visit the other parent simply because the other parent has more rules. Parents should not allow their children to make decisions that are not appropriate for them to make. It is not always up to the children whether they visit their dad or not. He is still their dad, and should be given that respect unless there are other issues that have not been mentioned.

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