Form to Get Child Support Payments

by Anonymous from Florida

What form do I need to get my ex-husband to pay child support? We were divorced in 2000. It was a one signature divorce because I wasn't aware of his whereabouts at the time.

The judge didn't issue a child support order at the time, but said he was going to leave it open for a later date.

Two of our three children are over 18 now, but our youngest child is only 15. And, we could really use the help.

Answer to Florida Child Support Question

Dear Anonymous,

From what you've said it sounds like you have now located your children's father.

I would follow the judge's advice and pursue child support now that you know where your ex is.

Contact the Florida Department of Revenue and tell them you need help in obtaining child support.

Their telephone number is 1-800-622-5437.

Provide them with all of the information that you have about your children's father and they can file the proper paperwork to obtain a child support order and then enforce it.

The Department of Revenue's website states the following:

Who May Apply for Child Support Enforcement Services?

Any parent or custodian of a dependent child who is not receiving public assistance may apply for Child Support Services. Any parent or caretaker who is owed child support arrearages may also apply for services.

You may not need to apply if:
  • You currently receive public assistance. Families who receive public assistance automatically receive child support services.

  • You have received public assistance or child support services in the past. Contact the state where services were provided to determine if you have an open child support case.

  • You live in another state. You may apply for child support services if you do not live in the State of Florida. However, you may be required to appear at a hearing in Florida or be required to testify at a designated location in your state at the Court's discretion.

    Additionally, if neither parent lives in Florida, we may not have jurisdiction to obtain or enforce a support order.

How to Apply for Services

You must submit a completed application for child support services. Only one application is required, even when there are multiple noncustodial parents or alleged fathers.

In the circumstance of multiple noncustodial parents or alleged fathers, a parent information form must be completed for each additional parent or alleged father.

Please read the application instructions prior to completing the Application for Child Support Services and the Additional Parent Information Form(s).

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