Florida Divorce of Tennessee Marriage

by Danielle from Hollywood, Florida, Broward County

Hello! I got married in Tennessee 5 years ago, but me and my husband decided to separate. I can show proof of residency in Florida for the past 4 years.

Can I file a divorce in Florida or should I file it in Tennessee? No kids or properties involved. I appreciate your response. Thank you.

Answer to Florida Divorce Question

Dear Danielle,

Yes you can file for divorce in Florida.

The residency requirement for filing for divorce in Florida is that either one or both of you must have resided in Florida for at least six months prior to filing for divorce.

Be sure to use the regular Petition for Dissolution of Marriage instead of the Simplified Dissolution.

Although you may qualify for the simplified it is, believe it or not, somewhat more complicated than a regular petition for dissolution.

For one thing, a simplified dissolution requires that both of the spouses be present at the final hearing for dissolution of marriage.

And it sounds to me as if, you and your spouse may be out of contact, and it would be difficult for him to travel to Florida for a court hearing if he's still in Tennessee.

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