Florida Child Support Guidelines Question

by Naomi from Panama City Beach, Florida, Bay County

OK, so my son's father and I are going through child support issues. We were never married. We are trying to do an uncontested Time sharing agreement.

My question is in Child support agreed upon between us or does the child support get calculated with the state child support schedule?

Answer to Florida Child Support Question

Dear Naomi,

Child support needs to be calculated according to the state guidelines. This is to protect you, the child's father, and most of all the child.

I've included the first paragraph from the instructions for that form and guidelines:



You should complete this worksheet if child support is being requested in your case. If you know the income of the other party, this worksheet should accompany your financial affidavit.

If you do not know the other party’s income, this form must be completed after the other party files his or her financial affidavit, and serves a copy on you.

For more information download the Florida Child Support Guidelines Worksheet, Form 12.902(e) and read the full instructions.

Also, have a look at our Petition to Determine Paternity & Related Relief, Form 12.983(a) page for more information.

Notice: We provide these answers to the general public and our website visitors as a means to further their online legal research. These answers are merely suggestions and should not be regarded as legal advice.

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Higher Child Support
by: Anonymous from Palm Beach County

If my husband and I agree on child support payments on are own that are higher then what the state of florida allows will the courts grant me that amount?

--Yes, you can agree to a child support amount that is higher than the guidelines. You will need to attach the Motion to Deviate from Child Support Guidelines, Form 12.943 to your paperwork. --Staff

Qualify For Child Support
by: Jean from Tampa, Florida, Hillsborough County

Do I qualify for child support? My daughter is giving me custody of her 16 year old daughter in a couple weeks. She will be living with me and attending the last two years of high school while under my care. Does my daughter have a responsibility to provide a monetary amount per week for this child?

--Yes you are very likely entitled to child support. If you are using the formal process for Temporary Custody of a Minor Child by an Extended Family Member under Florida Statute 751 there is a check off box on the form that requests that child support payments be forwarded to the child's custodian.

If your daughter is a single parent and is currently collecting child support from the child's father, you can have those payments sent to you. As a temporary custodian of a minor child you may also qualify for social services to help take care of your granddaughter.

Depending on your health insurance company, you may also be able to include your granddaughter on your health insurance. Many families place children with relatives because of the dismal state of the economy. If your daughter is placing her daughter with you because of financial distress, any award for child support may be difficult to enforce. --Staff

Shared Custody & Support Question
by: Anonymous from Volusia County

So I am the father, 2 children shared primary, 5050 visitation. I tried to get them on Healthy-Kids, full pay option, better insurance and dental and eye care. They were declined, they were on Medicaid for the past 2 months. The mother filed for help and did not list me on her app. DCF deemed her primary. She wont share any information regarding the medicaid ins. Medicaid wont give me any, DCF told me that since we are both primary we both should have been called by the case worker to figure out who is. I was never contacted.

I am the one in contact with the teachers, field trips, doc apps, I am the parent, she is unwilling to communicate and its a bad situation for the children. She also refuses to let the 8 year old go to a support group at his school for divorced kids, I talked to the school and she has to be in consent.

So how can I get them off medicaid? I am equal right parent and want them off and I want to pay for insurance? I provide insurance through my employer already, But I want to go to healthy kids to get all the coverage and I want to pay? How can i get my son into the group at school with out her permission?

--Wow. What a mess. I suggest you take your case to a judge and let the courts figure this whole thing out. Please talk to a lawyer; you have way too many issues going on and I fear going Pro Se may not be your best option. --Staff

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