Filing For Continuance In A Divorce Case

by Melissa from Crawfordville, Florida, Wakulla County

How to file a continuance on a divorce due to medical issues? My husband and I were married last March and separated in May of last year.

He is active duty military and I am receiving insurance for all of my medical issues, back, mental health, and physical health.

He still receives housing allowance and food allowance for me. I have not asked for anything except to postpone the divorce so that I am covered for the outpatient procedures for my back.

He is about to deploy overseas for a year and wants to file the divorce papers now while I have doctor appointments scheduled for several months.

I need to file a motion of continuance based on the fact that I can not afford my own health insurance, can not receive medicaid, and I have asked for nothing in return except the medical insurance.

He has agreed up until now. I want to file the continuance before he decides to file something before I do.

Also, am I entitled to any compensation of money, I have been out of work since April of this year, had to relocate to another county, receive food stamps. I just don't know which Florida Family Law form to file. Thank you.

Answer to Florida Court Forms Question

Dear Melissa,

You were married for three months?

There is no set form for Motion for Continuance on the Florida Supreme Court's website.

The general format for a pro se motion is to create the heading just like the other court papers in your divorce proceedings.

Title your motion - Pro Se Motion for Continuance; and then state your reasons. See our page on general motions for a text sample.

You can purchase our fillable PDF General Motion form for immediate download. ($2.95)

I'm not sure that your needing health insurance is enough reason for the court to postpone your divorce, particularly on a short term marriage.

Many people cannot afford health care, but, to me, that is not a good reason to remain married. You could request for spousal support in your divorce case, and let the judge decide.

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