Establishing Paternity by Scientific Testing

by Raymond from Fort Myers, Florida, Lee County

How can I petition the court to order a paternity test to determine if I am in fact the parent of the child.

I'm being asked to provide support for the child?

Answer to Florida Court Forms Question

Dear Raymond,

File a Motion for Scientific Testing, Florida Supreme Court approved family law form, 12.983(e).

If you are going to an Administrative Hearing in front of a General Magistrate, and not a judge, you can raise your concern that you are not sure if you are the father of the child.

A Magistrate is not supposed to order child support if paternity is in dispute.

Florida allows Disestablishment of Paternity in certain situations. Forms for that process and for the motion for scientific testing are on the Florida Supreme Court's website, The process for Disestablishment of Paternity is very specific as to timelines, and whether it will be allowed at all.

Read all of the instructions carefully, and read the Order for Disestablishment of Paternity before filing your petition. The Order for Disestablishment of Paternity shows most clearly the precise circumstances that must exist before paternity can be disestablished.

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