Custody Child Support & Contempt of Court

by Patricia from Florida

I am a mother of 2 children... their father has had his rights stripped through the state because he never completed his end of the care plan with DCF.

He was told he needed a psychiatric evaluation and needed to attend parenting classes. This has happened about 7yrs ago.

The father of my children only pays support about every other month to avoid a warrant for his arrest. He is ordered to pay 960 a month and only sends 100 here and there.

My children's father is working off the books at his girlfriend's tattoo shop and traveling all over the US doing tattoos. He is also in a band which they sell black market CDs and gets paid to do performances throughout Florida.

Who do I need to contact about these issues. He is constantly harassing me to see the kids but under court order he is not to be alone with them. His mother must be present at all times.

He refuses to follow the court order with visitation and is trying to make my kids believe that its my fault he can't see them. I was wondering how I could have these issues solved, any advice would help.

Answer to Florida Child Custody Question

Dear Patricia,

I am sorry to hear that the state of Florida is doing such an abysmal job in looking out for your interests.

You should not be subjected to the treatment that your ex is dishing out.

Your ex has evidently not been stripped of his parental rights, or else he would not be obligated to pay child support at all.

However, it does sound as if he is seriously in contempt of court.

My suggestion is that you file a Motion for Contempt and state that he is in arrears on his child support and refuses to follow the court order.

The form for Motion for Contempt can be found on the Florida Supreme Court's website,

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