Child Turning 18 Soon

by Melissa from Florida

My daughter is in college and turns 18 this year. Her father has advised her to inform me when she does turn 18 I will lose a lot of child support money.

I have 2 questions: one when she turns 18 do I lose child support for her even though she is a full time college student living at home?

And two, he is in the Army and has gotten many bonuses throughout the years, do these bonuses get included in how much per month he pays or is it just based on my monthly income as well as his monthly pay?

I ask because we still have another daughter who is 7 and he has at least another 10 years before retirement.

Answer to Florida Child Support Question

Dear Melissa,

It sounds like your ex is taunting you with the fact that you will no longer be receiving child support for your oldest daughter.

In general, the age of majority is 18, and no child support is paid in behalf of that child anymore.

As far as the bonuses, it may depend on exactly how he receives those bonuses.

But if they are part of his income, then they need to be included as such on his financial affidavit.

If your child support order has not been reviewed in the past 3 years, you can request a review even though there are no changed circumstances.

Or, if there are changed circumstances affecting any of the parties you can request a review or modification of your child support on that basis.

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Do I Still Pay Support - Son Now a Father
by: Daniel from Bradenton, Florida

My son is 17 yrs old and recently informed me that he got his girlfriend pregnant and they are having/keeping the child. He turns 18 in September and the child is due shortly thereafter. Am I still obligated to pay? He has informed me that he spends most of his nights and time out of school at her house.

She wont move in with he and his mother because she wants to be eligible for as much state aid as she can get, and my ex wont let him in order to keep receiving my support. Hardly fair-can you tell me what (if any) rights I have?

--As far as I know, child support will continue until he is 18, or 19 and still in high school. Emancipation does not automatically occur if the child becomes a parent. Think about it... what if your child was 12 or 13 and became a parent? You can always ask for a child support review, though. --Staff

Do I Have To Send A Letter to End Child Support?
by: Angel form Puerto Rico

My child is going to be 18 and I want to now if I have to send a letter to stop my child support payment. He is not in school and doesn't want to do nothing for his benefit. What do I have to do? The case is in the state of Florida.

--That all depends on what your support order says and how your support payments are being collected. Call the child support office in the county where the order originated, and find out if they can give you guidance.

If your order is being collected through an Income Deduction Order with your employer, contact your employer's HR or accounting office, and ask for a copy of the order they have on file and their procedures and requirements to end collections. --Staff

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