Child Support & Unemployment

by Anonymous from Florida

My ex-husband was laid off from his job. He will be receiving unemployment. He is court ordered to pay child support payments and back alimony payments. Is there a form I can file to ensure that I do receive some form of payment from his unemployment?

Answer to Florida Child Support Question

Dear Anonymous,

Ask the Department of Revenue to put an Income Deduction Order (IDO) in place.

An informational brochure which you can download from the DOR explains child support enforcement.

That brochure states in part:

If a noncustodial parent is working, the law requires that the employer deduct support payments from the parent’s paycheck.

The income deduction order follows the noncustodial parent to each job in any state. It is the noncustodial parent’s responsibility to inform the Child Support Enforcement Program and the court each time he or she changes jobs.

Child support can be deducted form unemployment compensation. Some noncustodial parents welcome the placement of an income deduction order because they find it easier to pay this way.

With an income deduction order they are paying with pre-tax dollars; and since they never receive the money on their paycheck find it easier to adjust their spending habits.

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