Child Support Increase Modification

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Child Support Increase Modification: My daughter turns 18 in March 2011 and she graduates in June 2011. My ex filed a motion on or about April 2008 to increase the child support. Her attorney is wishing to pursue back support to the initial file date as well as attorney fees and costs.

Do I have a chance in court without an attorney? And do you believe from your experience that the the Judge may order the increase with back support?

Also how far back are they allowed to collect if her attorney failed to file for a court date? Her attorney waited nearly three years to get a date.

Answer to Florida Child Support Question

Dear T.L.,

Florida child support is supposed to be based on the Florida Child Support Guidelines which are written into the Florida Statutes.

Despite what it sometimes seems, there are rules that govern child support; how it is paid; and when.

Retroactive child support can generally only be granted for up to 24 months.

But that retroactive support is usually granted when no child support order existed, and no child support was paid. I found a handy child support calculator at the following site...

Go to the Florida Supreme Court's website, and look at the child support guidelines worksheet. Please note it is not possible to complete that worksheet without knowing both parents' incomes.

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