Child Support Arrears Calculation

by Jeff from Kissimmee, Florida, Osceola County

How do you calculate the amount of monthly arrears after the child turns 18 and regular support stops?

Several years ago I learned I had a 13 year old son through the Department of Revenue.

Subsequently I ended up paying to Florida Disbursment who pays Maine's Department roughly $600.00 a month, to include arrears that were granted back to the date the child's mother filed through the Department of Revenue in Maine.

The child turns 18 in less than a year and still resides in Maine. Once the support stops how will they calculate what I pay each month in arrears?

Currently the arrears are only about 20 to 40 dollars of my monthly payment. Will this stay the same or will they raise this?

Answer to Florida Child Support Question

Dear Jeff,

It is my understanding that the full amount of court ordered child support continues beyond the age of majority when arrears are outstanding.

So although now the amount allocated for arrears is only $20-40, if there are arrears owed after the child has reached the age of majority, then the full amount of court ordered child support payments continues until the arrears are paid in full.

It is not uncommon for a person to be well into his/her twenties and a parent is still paying child support in arrears. To be sure please check with the Department of Revenue (DOR).
You have the right to have your child support order reviewed every three years, whether or not there has been a change in circumstances.

If your circumstances have changed, and you are earning less money now than when the child support order was put in place, you may be able to have your payments reduced.

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