Child Support After 18

by Cindi from Titusville, Florida, Brevard County

Child support after kids turn 18 and...

My son will be 18 in October and I have full custody.

His father is in arrears over $10,000.

Will he still have to pay off the arrears?

If so how much?

Answer to Florida Child Support Question

Dear Cindi,

Yes, your ex still owes the entire arrears.

You also may be able to extend the ongoing payments after your son turns 18; if he is still in high school.

If your ex has the ability to pay support and is avoiding payment you may be able to have the Department of Revenue file a Motion for Contempt in your behalf.

At the court hearing the judge may order a purge amount that the noncustodial parent must pay immediately to avoid going to jail.

Contact the Department of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement for more information.

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Back Child Support After 19?
by: Jason from Texas

Our last (3rd) stipulation stated my son would return back to his mother after May 2011 and I would go back to paying child support to her. He did not want to do that and she verbably & email agreed that he could come back to live with me at least until December. It is now Febuarary 2012 and he has graduated high school, officially ending our orignial and stipulated agreement. Can she file for back child support for the last 8 months at this point?

--If she files for back child support in Florida, for a child that lived with you in Texas, I think she will have a hard time getting a judge to agree. If you are served with child support papers, I suggest you file an answer or an answer and counter-petition. See the Answer to Supplemental Petition, Form 12.903(e) for more information. --Staff

Support for Over 18
by: Cheryl from Boynton Beach

My daughter will turn 18 next year and her portion of my Social Security Disability will cease along with her child-support, this will be a loss of 60% +/- income for our household. Without these monies, I will be unable to afford to send her to college or afford to feed her, clothe her, purchase her medications, or transport her to and from school even if there is a way to get her into college.

Is there any way I can have her father continue his court-ordered child support in order to allow her to go to college and still be able to pay for her books, food, clothing, medicine, general support and transportation? She has been trying to find a job, but they are scarce.

--The only way I know how is by agreement. If the father is unwilling to provide for his adult child to go to college, there is nothing I know of that can force him. I suggest first that you make sure my instincts are correct and ask a lawyer, and then try to convince the father that his continued support would be the most honorable thing to do for his daughter. --Staff

No Money in Five Years
by: Anonymous

My daughter is over 18 and child support inforcement has not been able to collect any money from him since my daughter has been 13. He ows over 40,000 dollars. How can I get this money. What papers do I need to file on my own? Please help. Thank You

Daughter turns 18
by: Anonymous

My daughter turns 18 in November, but she has not graduated high school. The court never ordered me to pay my ex any child support, but I paid her anyways to support my daughter. She is turning 18, can I just stopped paying child support after she turns 18?

--Why not continue paying until she graduates? You have already shown yourself to be a responsible parent by paying support without having to be forced to by the courts. --Staff

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