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Most Visited Florida Custody & Visitation Questions

Florida Joint Custody and Visitation Forms 
My son took a Paternity DNA test that was confirmed positive as him being the child's father. However he's having problems with the infant mother …

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Child Custody & Long Distance Visitation 
My ex girlfriend and I have a daughter age 11. She and I both lived in Virginia. Right before she was born I went to Jail for 4 years and my ex moved …

Child Custody & Visitation Still Married 
Hello, I am still legally married but, my husband and I have agreed to split time 50/50 with our 3 children ages 6, 7 and 10. The children have been …

Sole Custody & Supervised Visitation 
Trying to get sole custody of my son, and no visitation from his father. My son is 4 years old, I left his father when he was 3 months old (only because …

Visitation & Custody Issues 
I will try to keep this short and to the point. Since the split, I was unable to see my daughter on a regular schedule. The mother uses her as a weapon …

Child Visitation & Injunction 
My ex wife has violated our court approved agreement for custody and visitation on multiple occasions and now she has filed an injunction against me stating …

Contempt Child Custody & Visitation 
I have read the Florida Statutes 61.20 5,5 and 6 that requires both parties to complete a Parenting course. We have been to court and she was never …

Child Visitation & Custody Dispute 
I am married at this time. My husband and I started to do a stepchild adoption. My daughters father has already signed a paper stating he is giving …

Visitation And 50/50 Custody Forms 
I have class A visitation with my daughter but her mother gives me a hard time every time it is my turn for a visit. I am still waiting for my week …

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