Can I Stop Making Child Support Payments

by Dan from Florida

My 18 year old daughter is moving out of her mother's house. I have been ordered to pay child support until my daughter graduates from high school.

She is 18 years old. She is moving out of her mothers house.

Since she turned 18, she has barely been living at mothers house anyway, and has insisted that her mother hasn't really been supporting her. She is hardly ever there and has to fend for herself for any dinner or food that she gets.

She has a part/full time job and buys her own clothes, and food. I was just wondering what, if anything, commitment, I have to continue to pay her mothers car and or rent payments since my daughter is pretty much supporting herself and now is moving out on her own.

Look, I don't mind giving my daughter money to help her out if and when she needs it, as I would always do in her time of need. Also, my daughter makes just about as much as I do, (which is kind of embarrassing).

I struggle week to week to just support my wife and myself. The extra money would really help us pay some of our bills. Well, thank you for your time and please get back with me when you have a chance, since I know the your office is very busy.

Answer to Florida Child Support Question

Dear Dan,

According to Florida Law, the age of emancipation for a minor child is 18.

Your child support order can be modified to stop the payments unless the court order for child support you have states otherwise.

Read the Final Judgment you received regarding child support payments.

If there is no clause stating otherwise, you can petition the court to have the payments terminated.

You will need to file the Supplemental Petition for Modification of Child Support and the supporting forms.

The filing fee at the courthouse for a Supplemental Petition is only $50.

Follow the instructions on the form carefully and you should be able to have the child support order terminated. Have a look at our Web-Powered instruction page for Form 12-905b

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