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by Jim from Florida

The mother of my child was incarcerated when we signed our permanent orders back in 1998.

The only mention of child support was this: "The parties therefore agree that no child support will be awarded to the Father until the Mother is released."

She was released 5 or so years ago and has had very little contact with my son.

I have not asked for any help but now that I am being laid off, I'm going to need all the help I can get.

My son is now 16 so I realize I can ask for child support but my question is, can I also get back support even though I have not gone through the courts up until this point to get it?

Also, I live in Florida and she lives in Colorado, which state would I go through for help? Thanks!

Answer to Florida Child Support Question

Dear Jim,

Since you and the child reside in Florida, Florida is your and your son's state of residence, and the state where you need to petition for child support.

According to Florida statutes you are only entitled to two years retroactive child support.

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